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Where is the Elgin Police Department?

The police department is located at:
8171 US 17
Elgin, OK 73538

What are the Police Department’s business hours?

Generally, the department is open to the public from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, Monday – Friday, and closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. 

How do I report an emergency?

Dial 9-1-1 and be prepared to provide the location and a description of the emergency.  An emergency is when:

  • Life and/or property are in immediate danger
  • There is fire or smoke
  • A crime is being committed
  • Emergency medical or rescue assistance is needed

How do I report non-emergency problems to the Elgin Police?

You may report non-emergency problems at 580-492-4141

How do I get a copy of a police or accident report?

To get a copy of a police report you need :

  • To be the person who filed the police report or be directly involved
  • A valid picture ID

Animal Services

How do I report barking dogs, dog bites, dead, injured, or stray animals and dead or injured wildlife? 

Call Comanche County Dispatch’s no emergency number at 580-492-4141. The dispatcher will contact Elgin’s Animal Control officer.

Property and Evidence

How do I get my property back from Evidence?

Complete a Request for Return of Property form and return the form to the Elgin Police Department.

Please allow several weeks for processing. You will be notified either by telephone or by mail with a response. For further questions, call 580-492-4141

How do I get my gun back from the Elgin Police Department?

Step 1: Complete a Request for Return of Property form    

Step 2: Return completed form to the Elgin Police Department

Step 3: Wait for the Elgin Police Department, Evidence Section to contact you. For information or questions, call Elgin Police Department at 580-492-4141. Guns will not be released without valid photo identification. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Parking and Traffic

How do I get information regarding my traffic citation?

Contact the City of Elgin Court Clerk at 580-492-5777.

How do I take my car out of impound?

A release must be obtained at the Elgin Police Department. If there is no hold placed on the vehicle for investigative purposes then a valid photo ID and proof of insurance and registration will need to be submitted to the wrecker service.

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