Bond Schedule

Speeding 1-10 MPH over the limit  $95$35$30$10$10$10
11-15 MPH$145$85$30$10$10$10
16-20 MPH$180$120$30$10$10$10
21-25 MPH$215$155$30$10$10$10
26-30 MPH$230$170$30$10$10$10
31-35 MPH$245$185$30$10$10$10
36 MPH & over$260$200$30$10$10$10
Speeding in School Zone (fines double) $10
Unsafely move M.V. from (stopped/parked/standing) position$145$85$30$10$10$10
Reckless driving$380$320$30$10$10$10
2nd offense$430$370$30$10$10$10
Failure to surrender (cancelled/suspended/revoked) DL$130$70$30$10$10$10
(Display/possess) (suspended/revoked/cancelled) license$130$70$30$10$10$10
Operate M.V. w/o driver’s license$190$130$30$10$10$10
Operate M.V. while driving privilege suspended$285$225$30$10$10$10
3rd Offense$330$270$30$10$10$10
If under revocation (alcohol/drugs)$285$225$30$10$10$10
2nd Offense$305$245$30$10$10$10
3rd Offense$330$270$30$10$10$10
Willfully fail to return (DL/vehicle registration)$130$70$30$10$10$10
Driver license restriction$95$35$30$10$10$10
Operate M.V. w/o ODL required for type of M.V.$145$85$30$10$10$10
Allow unlicensed driver to operate M.V.$175$115$30$10$10$10
Failure to carry current insurance verification in vehicle$145$85$30$10$10$10
Failure to comply w/compulsory insurance law$180$120$30$10$10$10
Operate M.V. w/auxiliary lamps$95$35$30$10$10$10
Failure to (equip M.V. with/display) at least 2 tail lamps$95$35$30$10$10$10
Failure to display license plate lamp$95$35$30$10$10$10
Failure to equip M.V. w/2 stop lamps$95$35$30$10$10$10
Failure to display center high-mounted stop lamp$95$35$30$10$10$10
Failure to dim lights when meeting$95$35$30$10$10$10
Failure to dim lights when following within 200 feet$95$35$30$10$10$10
Failure to obey lawful (order/direction) of police officer$115$55$30$10$10$10
Elude an officer         $380$320$30$10$10$10
Obstruct public officer in discharge of duties$230$170$30$10$10$10
Littering on highway/road/public place$130$70$30$10$10$10
Improper overtake on right$95$35$30$10$10$10
Drive on left side of road (no passing zone)$145$85$30$10$10$10
Left of center$115$55$30$10$10$10
Driving wrong way on one-way street$105$45$30$10$10$10
Follow too close to another M.V.$95$35$30$10$10$10
Failure to yield to pedestrian in crosswalk$95$35$30$10$10$10
Display temp license – more than 30 days$115$55$30$10$10$10
Failure to pay taxes due to State$230$170$30$10$10$10
Improper use/display of tag$200$140$30$10$10$10
Failure to stop before leaving (alley/building/driveway)$115$55$30$10$10$10
Failure to stop at stop sign$115$55$30$10$10$10
Failure to yield to right of way$115$55$30$10$10$10
Failure to signal$95$35$30$10$10$10
Unlawfully (park/stand/stop) vehicle$95$35$30$10$10$10
Failure to (yield to/pull to the right of) Emergency Vehicle$145$85$30$10$10$10
No seatbelt$20$20
Failure to protect child by use of restraint system$80$50$30
Operate/ACP of M.V. while having BAC of .08 or moreCounty
Operate/ACP of M.V. while under the influence of alcoholCounty
Operate M.V. while impaired by consumption of alcoholCounty
Operating a motor vehicle other than properly$150$116$15$10$10$10 
Transporting open container of Alcohol$200$140$30$10$10$10
*Possession of CDS while using motor vehicle$260$200$30$10$10$10
*Possession of Marijuana while using motor vehicle$265$200$30$10$10$10$5
*Possession of drug paraphernalia while using motor vehicle$265$200$30$10$10$10$5
Illegal Glass/Window Tint$85$25$30$10$10$10
DUI/APC second or subsequent felonyCounty
All other violations$200$140$30$10$10$10
Public intoxication  $160$100$30$10$10$10
*Sell, furnish or give alcoholic beverage to a person under 21
1st Offense$560$500$30$10$10$10
2nd Offense – felonyCounty
*Consume/possess of alcoholic beverage by person under 21
1st Offense (person under 18 – license revoked 6 months)$360$300$30$10$10$10
2nd Offense (person under 18 – license revoked 1 year)$560$500$30$10$10$10
3rd Offense (person under 18 – license revoked 2 years)$560$500$30$10$10$10
*Social Host 
1st Offense$360$300$30$10$10$10 
2nd Offense within 10 years of previous conviction for same offense$560$500$30$10$10$10 
3rd Offense within 10 years of previous conviction for same offenseCounty
1st Offense involving great bodily injury or deathCounty
Transport loaded pistol in M.V. w/o SDA license$310$250$30$10$10$10
Discharge firearm in city limits$285$225$30$10$10$10
Disturbing the peace$175$115$30$10$10$10
Petit larceny$200$140$30$10$10$10
Pump pirates act (gas drive off)$175$115$30$10$10$10
Assault & Battery$260$200$30$10$10$10
*Possession of drug paraphernalia$265$200$30$10$10$10$5
*Possession of Marijuana$265$200$30$10$10$10$5
*Possession of CDS$260$200$30$10$10$10
Curfew violation (minors)$145$85$30$10$10$10
Animal at large$175$115$30$10$10$10
Failure to license dog$95$35$30$10$10$10
Failure to wear license/tag$95$35$30$10$10$10
No proof of rabies vaccination$95$35$30$10$10$10
2nd Offense$145$85$30$10$10$10
Vicious animal$120$60$30$10$10$10
2nd Offense$175$115$30$10$10$10
All other violations$200$140$30$10$10$10