Larceny reported at Elgin marijuana dispensary

LAWTON – An arrest warrant was recently issued for a Rush Springs man accused of stealing a large sum of cash from an Elgin business owner.

The suspect, identified as Colton Alan King, 22, allegedly entered Buddy’s Dispensary, located at 7567 U.S. Highway 277, on the evening of Jan. 5, and was later observed on camera taking an envelope containing an undisclosed amount of money.

According to an affidavit for warrant written by Elgin Police Officer James Vanderpool, the owner of the dispensary, Mohit Soni, stated that he had arrived at his business at 3:30 p.m. and placed his jacket on a couch An undisclosed amount of money was reportedly taken from Elgin business owner Mohit Soni on Jan. 5 at Buddy’s the lobby. When he later went to leave the store, Soni stated that he found his jacket pocket open and the envelope of cash that had been inside, missing.

A dispensary employee, who said King was a “regular customer,” was able to provide law enforcement with camera footage.

Officer Vanderpool noted in the affidavit that he observed King in the lobby as he sat down on the jacket, removed an object “which appeared to be a white envelope” and placed it in his own pocket before leaving the dispensary. Surveillance video showed King leaving the scene in a four-door silver Nissan sedan.

Comanche County District Court documents show that on Jan. 24, King was charged with a criminal felony for count one – grand larceny. As of Jan. 28, records indicate the issued warrant for his arrest remains active and bond has been set for $20,000.

Comanche County Chronicle